PPG Introduces PPG ADJUSTRITE Repair Management Tool for Commercial Body Shops

The tool is the latest feature of PPG's commercial estimating software.


PPG announced the launch of the PPG ADJUSTRITE® Repair Management tool, the latest feature of the PPG AdjustRite commercial estimating system, which provides enhanced productivity for commercial vehicle repairs.

The mobile-friendly PPG AdjustRite Repair Management platform offers technicians a time clock system and automated tracking of work hours per repair order. Shop managers and estimators benefit from a centralized approach to delegate tasks, gain insights from productivity metrics and efficiency data, and use dynamic charts for a thorough overview of repair orders and technician activities.

“Given current industry challenges such as labor shortages and time management, the PPG AdjustRite Repair Management tool emerges as a critical solution for repairs to commercial vehicles including heavy and medium trucks, trailers, buses, motor coaches, recreational vehicles and box trucks,” said Douglas Orr, PPG AdjustRite platform manager, Automotive Refinish. “Users can track technician time and efficiently delegate tasks while gaining an overall view of shop activities through a detailed dashboard and visual charts to maximize productivity.”

The PPG AdjustRite system is the leading industry estimating platform for commercial truck dealers, independent collision repair centers, fleet repair units, independent adjusters and insurance firms. Leveraging a comprehensive database of truck parts and repair data, it generates accurate estimates using real truck model specifics.

The PPG AdjustRite system is the first and only commercial estimating tool that considers the overall repair process, including overhaul, overlap, included operations, additional operations and additional parts or materials associated with the repair.

To learn more about the PPG AdjustRite software, visit www.adjustrite.com.

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