I-CAR’s Collision Careers Launches Innovative Talent Drive

The campaign aims to combat the talent shortage in the auto collision repair industry by engaging Gen Z online and on social media.

The campaign is set to run primarily on YouTube, targeting both students and their parents in key markets. Image via Shutterstock.

I-CAR's Collision Careers unveiled a digital advertising campaign aimed at attracting new talent to fill an estimated 100,000 skilled technician vacancies. The initiative, “Bolt Ahead with Collision Careers,” features a series of dynamic videos intended to draw interest to the field.

“The launch of this first-of-its-kind campaign is a natural next step on the critical work I-CAR has undertaken through its Collision Careers program to attract talent to the industry and to illustrate the benefits of this stable, growing, innovative career journey,” said Dara Goroff, vice president of planning and industry talent programming.

Developed in partnership with ad agency Push 22, the campaign is set to run primarily on YouTube, targeting both students and their parents in key markets such as Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. These areas were specifically chosen for their high demand for skilled technicians and their proximity to leading collision repair educational programs.

The initiative not only aims to fill the current talent gap but also to establish a new way of marketing the collision repair industry to a younger audience.

“We are taking a very current consumer marketing approach and applying it to an industry that has never approached positioning itself in this way to attract talent,” said Arianna Sherlock, senior director of marketing at I-CAR. The campaign seeks to engage Gen Z where they spend a significant amount of time---online and on social media.

Collision Careers plans to extend its reach later in the year by partnering with organizations and marketing leaders within the industry to co-create content and develop co-op advertising campaigns. This broader strategy is designed to further promote career opportunities within collision repair.

Launched in 2023 in collaboration with the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) and the recipient of the 2023 SEMA Global Media Award, Collision Careers provides comprehensive resources for individuals considering a career in collision repair. This includes students, career changers, parents and school counselors. Through these efforts, I-CAR aims to unify the industry, align its initiatives, and effectively bridge the technician gap, ensuring a sustainable future for the field.

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