Chicago Auto Show 2024 Announces Dates, Exciting Features

Scheduled for Feb. 10-29, the show will offer an immersive experience with both indoor and outdoor activities.


The Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) announced the return of the Chicago Auto Show, scheduled for Feb. 10-19, 2024. This year's show is set to offer attendees an immersive experience with both indoor and outdoor activities, focusing on the latest advancements in electric vehicles (EVs) through the Chicago Drives Electric initiative.

"The Chicago Auto Show is a cornerstone event for the city, and we are excited to open our doors again this winter, welcoming attendees to experience the latest vehicles, technology, and activations," said Chicago Auto Show Chairman JC Phelan

Co-General Manager Jennifer Morand highlighted the show's increasing popularity, noting a 50% attendance growth year over year since the pandemic. 

An exciting feature of the 2024 show is the Chicago Drives Electric indoor EV test track. It provides attendees the opportunity to experience the latest electric vehicles firsthand, addressing topics like at-home charging, range anxiety, maintenance and EV ownership costs. 

"The debate continues about the growth of the electric vehicle segment in the U.S. market, but there's no better proving ground for consumers to test EVs than an event as interactive as the Chicago Auto Show," said Dave Sloan, co-general manager of the show.

Data from the CATA's Chicago Drive Electric event in the fall revealed 85% of attendees had improved opinions about electric vehicle ownership after test driving EVs, and 71% were more likely to purchase an electric vehicle. For those not ready to switch to EVs, the show also features a vast array of internal combustion engine vehicles.

The 2024 Chicago Auto Show will not only focus on vehicles but also offer themed days like Game Day, Automotive Career Day, a Food Drive, First Responders & Military Appreciation Day, and Family Day, providing diverse experiences for all attendees. Additionally, the show will host special events like the Chicago Friday Night Flights and the Toyota Miles Per Hour run.

The show's black-tie charity gala, First Look for Charity, will be held Feb. 9. This event has raised $60 million for local charities since its inception.

Tickets for the 2024 Chicago Auto Show are available for purchase online, with varied pricing for adults, seniors and children. The show promises a comprehensive and engaging experience for all attendees, whether they are car enthusiasts, families or individuals interested in the latest automotive trends and technologies. For more details or to purchase tickets, check out

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