CCC Introduces Advanced AI-Based Photo Analysis Tools


The new solutions extend CCC’s advanced AI to claims handlers, delivering actionable intelligence for early decision-making.

CCC Intelligent Solutions on Oct. 23 announced the next generation of its AI-based photo analysis capabilities, including its first solution that extends into claims handling and ahead of the appraisal process to help users identify potential indemnity amounts earlier. 

The offerings deliver actionable intelligence following FNOL, enabling insurers to pull forward key decisions that work to optimize and accelerate downstream processing across APD and casualty claims.

“With its new offerings, CCC is significantly increasing the power of digital photo analysis and delivering meaningful insights across the life of a claim,” said Andrew Schwartz, analyst at Celent Research, a leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally. “Using its established AI capabilities, CCC can now help insurers make better determinations and decisions earlier, which are essential steps on the path to systematically improve claims cycle times and achieve more straight-through processing.”

New CCC Offerings

CCC First Look, the company’s first solution specifically for claims handlers, can help insurers capture accident information sooner on more claims and is designed to ingest photos from various sources---including consumers and salvage providers. AI is applied to validate photos for use with other CCC products and inform optimal routing for each claim, which can support initiating multiple workflows simultaneously, including determining total loss potential and triaging casualty claims.

CCC Impact Dynamics applies AI to photos of vehicle damage to predict impact severity, which enables insurers to spot injury potential early and inform a series of important decisions including casualty claims segmentation and routing, early settlement opportunities and reserve management. Impact Dynamics can help insurers pay what they owe more quickly and efficiently while achieving quicker speed to resolution for injured parties.

“The underlying facts of the accident are the basis for effective claims management,” said John Goodson, chief product and technology officer for CCC. “With our new photo AI capabilities, CCC can help carriers know more sooner, ushering in a new, more intelligent claims process from the start. First Look and Impact Dynamics are just the beginning of CCC’s next generation offering designed to transform consumer experiences and optimize business outcomes for our customers.”

CCC First Look and CCC Impact Dynamics build on the company’s established AI capabilities and work with CCC’s existing solutions.

Learn more about CCC First Look and CCC Impact Dynamics.

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