Car ADAS Solutions Announces New Licensee in Minnesota

Minnesota ADAS Solutions is owner C.J. Peeters' second location.

C.J. Peeters opened Minnesota ADAS Solutions in Waite Park, MN, in October.

Car ADAS Solutions, a leading provider of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration technology and services, announced the addition of a new licensee location owned by C.J. Peeters, Minnesota ADAS Solutions in Waite Park, MN.

C.J. opened his first location, Fargo ADAS Solutions, in Fargo, ND, in September 2022. His second facility began operating in October 2023.

“I decided to join as a licensee to become an expert in the ADAS calibration center business,” said Peeters, who worked in the education and coaching field prior to opening the calibration center.

“C.J.'s passion and the sole focus of his locations revolve around vehicle safety systems which are in perfect alignment with our core purpose of 'Protecting lives by verifying that vehicle safety systems perform as engineered,'” said Kevin Caruso, COO of Car ADAS Solutions.

Before C.J.’s father, Greg Peeters, established Car ADAS Solutions in 2020, they discussed the business model for months.

“I really wanted to test the process and model myself,” said C.J. Peeters. “It has been a great partnership.”

After deciding to open an ADAS calibration facility, Peeters began using Car ADAS Solutions’ 12 key elements. These include market evaluation, real estate assistance, finding equipment and tools, technician certification, marketing, proprietary management software, quality control and more.

“Car ADAS Solutions has a methodical, specific plan from start to finish,” he explained. “It is mapped out even before you become a licensee.”

Peeters said this has been very beneficial to his company.

“Similar to any new business, you have to troubleshoot constantly,” he said. “Without Car ADAS Solutions’ expert help and daily support, we would not be able to grow or succeed as we have.”

Peeters has found the support and information-sharing with other Car ADAS Solutions locations have been very beneficial.

“I have approached this adventure with a growth mindset, trying to learn how shops operate and identifying pain points along the way from an outsider’s perspective,” noted Peeters. “Through this experience, I have learned that those systems are responsible for keeping drivers, passengers and other vehicles on the road safe.”

Since learning about the collision industry, Peeters said he now understands the importance of performing an ADAS calibration and stresses the importance of setting calibration standards for the industry.

“There is only one way to calibrate correctly,” said Peeters. “There is a particular environment that needs to be maintained, a very specific process with documentation that needs to be carried out, and then tested to ensure a safe vehicle is being returned to its original condition.”

Peeters has also realized there is so much more to the business than software, equipment, billing or location. As a result, his team works with the Car ADAS Solutions team daily to ensure they are correctly setting up, running and growing their facilities.

“If they can educate me without a background in the automotive industry, I am confident their process and support can help anyone,” he said. “The team has been there for me and other licensees every step of the way to ensure a successful business with ethical, accurate calibrations without compromising safety.”

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