California Autobody Association Teams Up with CARS for Exclusive Shop Benefits

CAA members are eligible for cost-saving opportunities and discounts from numerous industry vendors.


The California Autobody Association (CAA) announced a partnership with Collision Automotive Repair Services, Inc. (CARS), promising an array of benefits for CAA member shops, ranging from cashback rewards to exclusive discounts on essential supplies.

Through the newly formed partnership, CAA member shops are seamlessly integrated into CARS Connection Plus, a platform designed to provide cost-saving opportunities and discounts from numerous industry vendors. Unlike traditional arrangements, this program offers flexibility, allowing shops to opt-in for benefits without any obligation to alter existing supplier relationships or commit to contracts.
Under the umbrella of CARS Connection Plus, CAA member shops gain access to an exclusive industry buying group, thereby augmenting the value proposition for their businesses at no additional cost. Furthermore, benefit packages tailored for Connection Plus Membership are set to be unveiled soon, offering even more tailored advantages.

Collision repair shops looking to capitalize on these benefits can register with the Connection Plus Benefits by visiting

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