BASF Announces Blended Learning Approach for Certification

The new format reduces travel expenses and time away from the shop floor.


BASF announced a new blended learning approach to its certification process in place of two-day in-person training. 

All BASF customers go through a certification process to ensure success from day one. Until today, this process involved a two-day mandatory training where attendees completed in person classroom learning and hands-on training to ensure customer success.

To reduce travel expenses and time away from the shop floor, BASF has converted one day of in-class instruction to online training hosted in its Learning University. This blended learning approach allows customers to start training whenever and wherever they are and still benefit from the face-to-face portion of the certification process.

The online learning portion of the training process is comprised of eight to 10 modules, with an assessment after each module instead of a lengthy final exam. Once the mandatory online portion is complete, customers can schedule their in-person class at the location of their choice. During the in-person portion of the certification, customers will receive necessary face-to-face training and assessment to set them up for success. Participants will have 45 days to finish this process and can access their certificate of completion online.

This training format is available for Glasurit and R-M courses.

“BASF aims to enhance customer experience with this move toward blended learning,” said Ralph Leija III, North America training manager. “With 24/7 online access and accessible training, customers can get back on the shop floor quicker and start seeing success right away.”

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