asTech’s Patented Rules Engine Now Available to Help Repairers Affirm Scans


asTech, a Repairify company, on Jan. 11 announced the full deployment of its patented Rules Engine, which presents users with the most accurate and cost-effective diagnostic scan type for the vehicle throughout the blue printing process and repair workflow.

The new feature gives asTech customers access to the most accurate way to identify the diagnostic and calibration scan tools that read all of a car’s OEM modules correctly---versus those that don’t---down to the year, make, model and trim. With the Rules Engine enabled, asTech users, insurance carriers and their customers can be confident with the accuracy and cost of the recommended scan type.

“Our customers tell us one of their biggest challenges is remaining compliant with insurance carrier reimbursement guidelines for OEM diagnostic scans and calibrations. Meanwhile, insurance carriers tell us they will reimburse for OEM scans if shops can validate that it was the correct and safest way to repair the vehicle,” said Cris Hollingsworth, president of Repairify Global Holdings, Inc.

He continued, “With Repairify’s patented Rules Engine, available only from asTech, repairers can now rest assured that a vehicle has been repaired safely and properly with the quickest, most cost-effective and accurate tool for scanning and calibrations across all years, makes and models.”

To build the Rules Engine, Repairify’s research and development team scanned tens of thousands of vehicles from different years, makes, models and trim levels with the leading aftermarket tools available, then compared the results to the relevant OEM tool. Researchers used like-for-like tools on the same cars at the same time to ensure accuracy.

In the process, the development team also created Repairify’s “OEM-compatible” designation for aftermarket scans that returned the same quality results as the original factory OEM scan for the same year, make, model and trim. The research showed the top-performing aftermarket tools returned OEM-level results as much as 78% of the time, while the lowest performers returned the same results 56% of the time or less.

Repairify used this extensive research to develop a proprietary database of OEM and high-performing OEM-compatible scan tools to recommend the most accurate and cost-effective scan tool option, every time. When an OEM-compatible tool isn’t available, the Rules Engine recommends the same remote OEM diagnostic services customers have come to know and trust.

To add further confidence that asTech’s technicians are using a true, original OEM scan tool, in 2021 asTech began providing its remote OEM diagnostic customers with documented real-time electronic proof of the original OEM diagnostic scan report as part of its diagnostic reporting procedures.

asTech customers who wish to enable the new Rules Engine feature can do so by contacting the customer service team at 1-888-486-1166 or To learn more about the Rules Engine, visit asTech's diagnostics solutions page on its website.

Source: asTech

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