Sherwin-Williams Sunfire PRO Does It All for Shop Offering Restoration and Repair

Written by Autobody News Staff
Oct. 12, 2022

Mike and Paulette Covairt didn’t know it when they purchased a 1962 Volkswagen Beetle to restore not long after they started dating, but it was the first step to the life they live now, running Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage in Franktown, CO.

Mike said he bought the Bug from what was then Douglas Auto Body, and, after a year of work, had it ready to roll.

He kept in touch with the shop owner even after finishing the car, and when the owner was ready to retire in 2014, he offered the Covairts the opportunity to take over the lease and buy the equipment. On April 1, 2015, the new owners officially opened the business under its current name.

Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage
Location: Franktown, CO
(303) 688-2276
Facebook: @FranktownCollision

Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair & Restoration
Facility Employees: Five
In Business Since: 2015
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 3,600 square feet

That Bug has since been restored a second time, and still makes appearances at local car shows every now and then. Meanwhile, the shop offers classic car restoration and auto body repair and paint, as well as welding and fabrication.

Paulette runs the office, and Mike works in the shop. “I always wanted to restore cars since I was a kid,” Mike said. “I was always interested in it.”

He didn’t go straight into restoration work, however. Mike worked in carpentry for years, and then as a metal fabricator in the metal art and sign business.

“That was where I learned how to paint and weld, a lot of the things you would need to know to restore cars and do collision work,” he said. “I began to restore cars on the side at home, for myself and other people, and feel like I caught onto it pretty quick.”

Mike also started learning how to do collision repair work, taking on some of that at home.

The shop repainted this 1959 Corvette for a customer who only drives black Corvettes, but bought this one when it was red.

“Then we got the opportunity to buy a business doing it, and we went for it,” Mike said. “We took the risk and here we are.”

Seven years later, the shop averages one or two completed collision repairs per day, and one or two completed restorations per month.

Franktown Collision & Restoration Garage doesn’t work directly with any insurance companies, Mike said. Customers are welcome to use their insurance coverage but they have to be the one to negotiate with the insurance company on the estimate.

“We mainly stick to restoration and self-pay collision,” Mike said. “It’s worked for us. We’ve been pretty fortunate to be able to do that and survive.”

Mike said as a shop that does both restoration and collision repair, its paint inventory was getting out of control.

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