UAW Continues to Pressure Big 3 for More

Photo courtesy of UAW.

Ford, GM and Stellantis have all offered a 23% raise, but UAW President Shawn Fain said the companies "have more to give."

UAW President Shawn Fain said Oct. 20 the union’s Stand Up strike, coming to the end of its fifth week, will hold out for better offers from GM, Ford and Stellantis.

Fain said a week earlier he would not be announcing additional walk-outs at automakers’ plants during his Friday updates. None were announced during the Oct. 20 Facebook Live stream. Currently, about 34,000 UAW members are on strike against the Big 3 across the country.

However, Fain said, more will be coming if the automakers don’t step up.

All three have offered a 23% wage increase---GM doing so just hours before Fain spoke---but Fain said the companies “have more to give.”

Ford executive Kumar Galhotra, president of the company’s ICE division, Ford Blue, on Oct. 12 said the company had reached its limit in offering a 23% raise. Anything more would make it impossible for Ford to remain competitive, he said.

Stellantis on Oct. 20 announced it is canceling its planned displays at the upcoming SEMA and LA Auto shows in November, citing costs of the strikes. It announced earlier in the week it will also not be attending CES in Las Vegas, NV, in January, also due to strike costs. 

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