Tru-Point 360-View Calibrations Now Available


With new 360-view camera calibrations now available for the John Bean® Tru-Point™ ADAS Calibration System, vehicle calibrations can be completed more quickly and easily.

“ADAS calibration is not an area to cut corners. By staying true to the commitment made for Tru-Point, the John Bean engineering group has released an innovative software update that is made available with the use of the TGT-05 kit,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for John Bean. “With the new procedures available starting with the 1.6.0 software update, Tru-Point now has 360-view camera calibrations that do not require the use of lasers, tape measures, plumb-bobs or drawing on the floor, simultaneously making the process more streamlined and comprehensive.”

John Bean customers can use the TGT-05 kit to easily calibrate the 360 cameras for a variety of manufacturers including Audi, Bentley, Ford, Lamborghini and Volkswagen. The kit attaches to opposing corners of the 360 mats on either side of the vehicle and serves as a reference point for the Tru-Point cameras to ensure the actual mats are straight, square and properly aligned to the vehicle’s cameras before beginning calibrations.

The TGT-05 kit contains four BKT-15 brackets and corner reflectors to attach to the corners of one pair of 360 mats. These brackets can be moved from mat to mat. Customers can purchase additional BKT-15 brackets to permanently attach to any additional mats they may have for other manufacturers.

A one-stop solution for ADAS calibration, Tru-Point uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to quickly uncover any vehicle alignment issues so users can perform an accurate ADAS calibration.

“Expanding coverage for automated placement is at the forefront of the evolution of Tru-Point, so we recommend our customers keep an eye out for exciting new hardware and procedural updates we will be introducing to further expand their capabilities,” concluded Krebs.

Source: John Bean

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