The Boring Company Posts Impressive LVCC Loop Stats from CES 2023

The Boring Company/Twitter.

The Boring Company released the stats of its Loop system at the Las Vegas Convention Center following CES 2023, which ran from Jan. 5-8.

Based on the numbers released by the tunneling startup and social media posts from CES attendees, the LVCC Loop is hitting its rhythm.

In a Twitter post, The Boring Company said it was grateful for the opportunity to provide transportation for Las Vegas Convention Center visitors during the high-profile event.

The company included a number of key stats about the system in its post, both during the event and during the fourth quarter of 2022. The average ride time in the LVCC Loop was less than two minutes, the average wait time for passengers was less than 10 seconds and the Loop was able to accommodate more than 94,000 total passengers, including more than 10,000 who traveled to and from Resorts World.

Overall, the Boring Company said the LVCC Loop’s Q4 customer experience score has been more than 4.9 on a five-point scale, an impressive feat considering the age of the system.

While there will always be critics of The Boring Company, the LVCC Loop has attracted a lot of positive attention from attendees of the event. Social media posts about rides in the LVCC Loop abound, with a good number of users sharing their appreciation for the project.

Author Marsha Collier, who attended CES, described the system as “super fast” and “efficient.” She also said the LVCC Loop had great employees.

Other users highlighted how the LVCC Loop saves a lot of time, as walking around the area typically takes 20 minutes. Another CES attendee, @rockynashlive, said she appreciated the fact she was able to network longer than usual with other attendees because the LVCC Loop saves time.

Videos of the tunnels from the LVCC Loop to the Resorts World station have also been shared online, and they hint that the first stages of the Vegas Loop are at least working well.

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