Texas Auto Body Shop Hosts Community Car Show


A Maaco shop in Plano, TX, recently hosted a community-focused event June 10. The shop, Maaco Plano, is located at 1205 Summit Avenue, Plano, TX 75074.

The event welcomed members of the local community to the facility and featured a car show intended to drive awareness of the shop’s location and wide array of services. The team was able to showcase their facility and drive production-friendly work into the shop, all while providing customers an opportunity to mingle and enjoy freshly cooked burgers and hot dogs provided by the Maaco Plano team.

The event was orchestrated by Chris Sherman, general manager of Maaco Plano. Maaco Plano is owned by Helmuth Mayer, who collectively owns seven shops in the Dallas area.

“I am always looking for ways to engage with the community and to show them the upside of uh-ohs,” said Sherman. “These events aren’t just about generating business. I believe it’s important to show our community that we care for them, the way they care for us.”

With a turnout of 80 attendees and 20 cars shown, the event was a success. The modern and vintage cars on display were provided by members of the community.

This event served as the latest in a series of community initiatives and outings hosted by Maaco Plano. Most recently, the shop served as the host for a NABC Recycled Rides presentation where a veteran was gifted a free vehicle she can use for reliable transportation to finish her undergraduate degree.

For more information, visit www.Maaco.com.

Source: Maaco

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