Tesla Still Expanding Many Areas of Giga Texas Amid Production Ramp

Tesla Still Expanding Many Areas of Giga Texas Amid Production Ramp

Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer continues to provide extensive updates on the happenings at Tesla's newest EV factory, Giga Texas, recently taking to his YouTube channel to put out a video showing further expansion at the colossal automotive factory in Austin.

Tegtmeyer noted he decided to take a new approach. He broke down all Tesla Giga Texas information, updates and new construction details and put them together in one place. The details are divided up by specific "Area," as designated by Tegtmeyer.

Tesla opened the factory in Austin some time ago, and it has been producing Model Y crossovers ever since. However, there are several other areas that are still under construction, and that's likely to be the case for a long time going forward.

The video highlights Tesla's warehouses that aren't actually inside a traditional building, but instead, on a wheeled trailer that can be moved about the property. There's also attention on the widening of nearby Texas Road, work on underground pipes and a new building for water management and potential storage.

Tegtmeyer covered details about all of the following areas at Tesla's Giga Texas, and he pulled it all off in fewer than 20 minutes.

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