Tesla Model Y Output Being Ramped at Giga Texas

Jeff Roberts posted this photo to Twitter on April 9, showing a lot full of Tesla Model Ys outside Giga Texas.

Earlier in April, Tesla Giga Texas hit a new milestone by building 4,000 Model Y in one week. A recent flyover of the Gigafactory Texas complex suggested the Tesla team has not let off the accelerator since.

Tesla watcher Jeff Roberts, who has been following the progress of Giga Texas since its earliest days, recently shared images and footage from a drone flyover he recently conducted around the facility. Roberts observed Giga Texas seemed to be shipping more Model Ys than ever, reportedly counting 50 units of the all-electric crossover per hour.

It would seem Tesla is doing what it can to produce 5,000 Model Y per week at Giga Texas, a milestone that Giga Berlin, which started vehicle production just a few weeks before Giga Texas, accomplished in late March.

Since starting their vehicle deliveries, Giga Texas and Giga Berlin’s ramp have been neck and neck, at least until recently. In December, Tesla announced Giga Texas had reached an output of 3,000 Model Y per week, and it only took a few days before the company announced the same milestone for Giga Berlin. Since then, however, Giga Texas was left behind for a bit.

In February, Tesla announced Giga Berlin had accomplished an output of 4,000 Model Y per week. By late March, Giga Berlin’s vehicle production had reached a very impressive 5,000 Model Y per week. At the time, Giga Texas’ last Model Y production milestone was 3,000 per week, which it had hit in December.

Things picked up in early April, however, when Tesla announced Giga Texas had hit an output of 4,000 Model Y in one week, suggesting the facility was accelerating its production and new milestones were likely coming. It would not be surprising if Tesla announces Giga Texas’ 5,000-per-week Model Y output soon.

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