Tesla Giga Texas Model Y Line to Pause, Some Workers to Shift to Cybertruck: Observer


According to an observer of Gigafactory Texas, Tesla will be pausing Giga Texas’ Model Y line for upgrades at the beginning of July. Some staff from the EV production facility are reportedly being reassigned to the Cybertruck as well. 

Gigafactory Texas is observed by several dedicated drone operators on a consistent basis. Among the most notable is Joe Tegtmeyer, who has been chronicling the progress of the Tesla site since its earliest days. 

Citing information reportedly gathered from various channels and his own observations of the Giga Texas complex, Tegtmeyer said Model Y production is expected to be paused for upgrades in the beginning of July. The downtime is expected to last about five days. 

Gigafactory Texas is reportedly moving away from swing shifts as well, with the facility adopting a simpler day and night shift system. 

Workers who were in the swing shift for the Model Y line will reportedly be dedicated to the Cybertruck’s production lines to finalize testing and calibration. This way, the Cybertruck line could enter production status. Tegtmeyer said this will likely take place around July to August. 

The production of the Model Y all-electric crossover will likely see a short-term decline as workers are trained for the vehicle’s revised production systems. After this period, however, the Model Y’s production is expected to ramp, and while a weekly target is yet to be teased, speculations are high the revised lines will be able to hit outputs higher than the 5,000 per week Giga Texas previously attained. 

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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