Tesla Fan Drawing Imagines Reported Upcoming $25K EV

Reuters reported Tesla will begin building the more affordable EV in June 2025.

Tesla fan Tine Rusc drew what he thinks the Tesla Redwood might look like based on what he read in a recent biography on Elon Musk.Tesla fan Tine Rusc drew what he thinks the Tesla Redwood might look like based on what he read in a recent biography on Elon Musk.

Tesla’s rumored Redwood EV is now hitting the news cycle as a new report was released Jan. 24, indicating the car could make its way to market next year.

Naturally, the EV, which could potentially cost roughly $25,000 in hopes of reaching a lower price point to encourage more drivers to switch to a Tesla, has already been imagined in fan renders.

These renders were sent to Teslarati by Tine Rusc, who imagined the Redwood EV as a “Cyberhatch.” As the EV is being looked at as a compact crossover, this hatch-equipped EV seems to fit the bill as what Tesla could bring to market, and it would undoubtedly bring more space and cargo for owners.

Rusc drew inspiration from the Cybertruck, potentially somewhat of a template for this vehicle, according to CEO Elon Musk’s recent biography. Tesla could potentially design more than one vehicle based on the Cybertruck, including the $25,000 EV.

A fan of Musk, Rusc said it was easy to think of a car design that would fit what Tesla wants to bring to market.

“The company has always been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. I’ve closely followed Elon Musk’s interviews, learning a great deal and developing immense respect and admiration for him,” Rusc told Teslarati.

The look he desired for this vehicle was an ode to the most brilliant minds in both automotive and science in the past 100 years.

“These designs have to be not just special but slightly different, pushing the boundaries of excellence, possibly aiming to be the best in their class, if not the world. It’s a nod of appreciation to those who, like Nikola Tesla, Edison, Enzo Ferrari, Elon and similar, passionately push the limits of what’s deemed possible.”

A report from Reuters on Jan. 24 said Tesla has already started reaching out to suppliers to prepare for its affordable EV that would be built upon its next-generation platform.

Tesla plans to build about 10,000 units per week, according to the report, and production would begin around June 2025.

Tesla reportedly studied some affordable vehicles over the past few years to figure out where manufacturing could be simplified to reach low pricing.

The company is rumored to have torn apart a Honda Civic, a vehicle produced in a conventional way while being highly affordable and extremely popular.

It also could end up being the vehicle that leans into Tesla’s plans for a robotaxi fleet, which the automaker has hoped to develop for years.

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