Tesla Cybertruck Production Fakes Making the Rounds

This photo claiming to show Tesla's Cybertruck on a production line is actually a doctored image of Rivian's line. Photo courtesy of CybertruckOwnersClub.

As Tesla Cybertruck production nears, fake images of the vehicle being manufactured and rolling off production lines are being shared on the internet. If you see these images, be aware they have been doctored.

The Cybertruck is more than three years past its initial unveiling in November 2019. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed production will begin this summer. Volume production is slated for 2024, but early-stage pre-production betas have been built and are being shown off at any of the company’s events.

However, crafty images of the Cybertruck being manufactured are being shared on various forums and groups across the internet.

The first images were shared to the CybertruckOwnersClub forums, showing a line of Cybertrucks rolling off production lines. It’s a clear image that depicts what appears to be the very first and earliest production phases of Tesla’s first pickup. In reality, it is a photoshop of Rivian’s manufacturing lines, where it builds all-electric trucks and SUVs.

Another was recently shared to the Tesla Cybertruck Facebook group, with what appears to be a series of Cybertrucks being loaded onto a hauler. This photo was already questionable, as it is based on the massive Cybertruck trailing a vehicle it appears to barely fit into. The dimensions of the Cybertruck builds we’ve seen on numerous occasions don’t appear to be this slender. In reality, the image is actually an abort motor for NASA’s Artemis 1 mission.

The Cybertruck has been slated for production in the past, and while there have been a few units built and spotted in recent months, it seems test manufacturing phases are not active at Gigafactory Texas, where Tesla will build it.

There are steps that have hinted Tesla is moving forward with preparing for production. It has added several jobs related to Cybertruck manufacturing, and months ago, Tesla started receiving manufacturing equipment for the truck in the form of the IDRA Giga Press.

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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