Tesla Cybertruck Accessories Steal the Show at TX Lithium Refinery Event


Tesla held a groundbreaking event for its South Texas lithium refinery, and during the event, CEO Elon Musk arrived in the Cybertruck, attracting attention to the accessories featured on the vehicle.

Musk breezed through most of his presentation on the all-electric pickup truck. Some slides were not discussed at all.

One of the slides Musk did not discuss featured what appeared to be Cybertruck accessories. One showed camping equipment, another showed a trailer, one showed an ATV later unveiled at the event, and the fourth showed what appeared to be a tool rack. All four accessories adopted the vehicle’s “cyber” design.

Tool racks are popular among pickup truck owners as they allow users to easily transport large items like ladders. As could be seen in videos and photos of the event, the tool rack on the Cybertruck was used to transport the “cyber” shovels used in the groundbreaking ceremony.

The design of the tool rack is also interesting as it blends in perfectly with the Cybertruck’s unique shape. Overall, the Cybertruck tool rack received much praise among EV enthusiasts, many of whom shared their excitement for the vehicle’s upcoming accessories.

But while the Cybertruck bed rack stole the show for EV enthusiasts during the groundbreaking, comments from Tesla executive Drew Baglino reportedly indicated the tool rack on the vehicle was custom-made for the event. Baglino, however, reportedly also noted Tesla is making a number of Cybertruck accessories.

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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