Tesla Begins Implementing Automated Quality Control at Fremont, CA, Factory

Tesla Begins Implementing Automated Quality Control at Fremont, CA, Factory

Tesla is beginning to implement an automated quality control system at its Fremont, CA, factory to monitor build quality in vehicle interiors.

One of Tesla’s biggest points of criticism is vehicle build quality, and the company has made numerous strides over the year to improve. Tesla began posting job descriptions for quality inspection engineers several years ago, to “apply their experience with vehicle assembly lines and manufacturing software systems to lead the installation and operations of automation camera inspection systems into existing manufacturing lines.”

Tesla still has job openings describing the same position, and now, it appears the automaker is ready to use automated systems to inspect vehicle quality.

A new permit submitted by Tesla states the company is ready to install two new robots to inspect fascia quality.

Tesla submitted the permit under the name “Automatic Inspection System,” and describes it as such: “Installation of power and structural anchorage to support two new robots required to automate fascia inspection. Anchorage for PDP/MCP and server panel.”

Fascia refers to a vehicle dashboard, so it can be assumed this filing will deal with interior quality control.

In early 2021, Teslarati reported Tesla was working with Comau Robotics to establish a new series of automation equipment at Fremont. Comau has worked with companies like Rockwell Automation to develop simplified robotic systems that could be ideal for automotive use.

At one point, Tesla planned to have a fully automated production line, but CEO Elon Musk backtracked when he realized the excessive use of robots was a mistake. “Humans are underrated,” he said.

The job description for the quality inspection engineer shows the position will entail the development of purpose-build automated inspection systems. Tesla placed the position in its “Vision Automation Team” and said the position will develop quality control techniques for some of Tesla’s most important programs, including the S3XY lineup and the Cybertruck, as well as Optimus.

Tesla could already be using automated systems for exterior build quality. However, Teslarati could not uncover any current filings that show evidence of that.

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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