TechForce Awards 2 MOTOR Scholarships

The recipients are both high school students are pursuing technical education in the automotive field.


The TechForce Foundation awarded MOTOR-sponsored scholarships to two high school students, Karina Galvan of Brookhaven, TX, and Armando Campos Zavala of Visalia, CA.

The MOTOR Scholarship for Diverse Technicians, sponsored by MOTOR Information Systems, a Hearst company, specifically targets high school students aspiring to technical education in the automotive field. Galvan and Campos Zavala stood out for their commitment and promise in both academic and practical aspects of automotive technology.

"We are delighted to have these MOTOR scholarships awarded to exemplary students with promising futures," said Jeff Nosek, president of MOTOR. He emphasized the importance of investing in the education of budding automotive technicians to ensure the success and advancement of the industry.

The TechForce Foundation, known for its efforts to advance the automotive industry's workforce, supports the next generation of automotive professionals. Their initiatives span across promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the automotive field. MOTOR Information Systems has been a player in the automotive data sector since 1903, providing accurate and comprehensive information.

For more information about the TechForce Foundation and its initiatives, visit the website.

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