Spartan Group Becomes First Performance Group to Include SCRS Membership


Collision Advice’s SPARTAN 300 has become the first performance group to join the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) on a per-location basis.

“There are people in life that watch things happen and there are people in life who make things happen. SCRS makes things happen,” said Mike Anderson, president of Collision Advice. “Being an SCRS member is like having a permanent wingman who always has your back. From the DEG to human resource benefits like the 401(k) retirement saving and now the health care benefits, SCRS continues to improve upon what they have to offer the industry.”

The Collision Advice SPARTAN 300 met in September, and the members unanimously voted in favor of every one of the 20 Group members automatically becoming a member of SCRS, as part of the SPARTAN 300 membership requirements.

In addition to the SCRS membership, SPARTAN 300 members also receive access to:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals committed to safe and proper repairs three times a year in a small group, in-person meetings
  • An invitation to attend the Collision Advice Symposium once a year, where insurers and OEMs gather to share the latest insights
  • Monthly training webinars to sharpen the skills of your staff and keep you battle ready
  • Access to the Collision Advice Legacy Group apprentice program, Zero to Hero, and many more resources
  • A totally independent forum that acts outside of paint manufacturer or other vendor influences
  • Access to industry leader Mike Anderson of Collision Advice and his team

“My association with the SPARTAN group challenges us to continue to push for excellence in every facet of our business," said Ron Reichen, past chairman of SCRS and president of Precision Body & Paint. "It also holds us accountable to the highest level with our peers, like when the scientific community proofs your thesis. It’s just provided a ton of value to our organization and couples so nicely with the education, information and advocacy work that SCRS does.

“SCRS membership provides the conduit for some members of the group that weren’t as connected to the larger industry, and visibility into what is happening outside of the local market,” he added.

SCRS and Collision Advice have a history of partnering on educational initiatives, hallmarked by the Quick Tip videos produced by SCRS, featuring Anderson and Danny Gredinberg from the DEG.

Anderson is also presenting during the upcoming SCRS Repairer Driven Education sessions: "Build Your Next Repair Planner In-House, from Scratch!" on Oct. 31, "Bulletproof Negotiation Tactics---Newly Revised!" on Nov. 2 and the IDEAS Collide Showcase on Nov. 4.

“SCRS brings extreme value in so many ways,” said Eddie Dietz, Collision Advice, manager of group vendor relations. “Our members utilize the resources like DEG, BOT, RDN, Videos and position statements on a regular basis. Many are active in the 401(k) and have been ecstatic about the newly launched health care options. Our SPARTAN members are genuinely excited to be a part of SCRS and the partnership and the voice that SCRS provides for the entire collision industry. We are constantly striving to make a difference in this industry and the SCRS plays a big role in doing so!”

“SCRS is leading the charge of the industry into the future,” said Andrew Suggs, president of European Collision Repair and SPARTAN group member. “Their staff and the board is composed of some of the best operators in the industry who understand the challenges we all face, and they are working to make it better and help us grow for long term success. The auto repair industry owes a lot to those at SCRS, and I’m grateful that this was the push to get me directly involved in membership.”

“We’re all grateful for the culture that Mike and his group bring to the table,” said SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “It’s the belief that together we are greater than we are on our own that really led to this decision. The belief that like-minded individuals who prioritize safe and proper repairs can change the course of history and leave behind a meaningful impact, when partnering with others who believe the same. We all want to raise the professionalism and capabilities of this industry, and lift people up from where they are today. The alignment between SCRS and the SPARTAN Group is a great start to what will be a powerful collaboration together.”

For more on the SPARTAN Group, visit the website.

For companies looking to support SCRS through membership, contact the SCRS office at or visit the website.

Source: SCRS

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