South Dakota to See Increase in EV Charging Stations 


While electric vehicle charging stations are few and far between in South Dakota, many say it shouldn’t discourage residents from purchasing an EV.

AAA Director of Auto Repair Bob Kazmierczak painted a picture of just how many EV charging stations there are in the state.

“There are 83 public EV charging stations in South Dakota and that equates to 204 charging ports,” said Kazmierczak.

While this might seem like a small number, Chris Studer with East River Electric said it shouldn’t be discouraging to potential buyers.

“Most people on a daily basis are only driving 10, 20 or 30 miles to work and back, and so for an electric vehicle that you mostly charge at home, fast chargers are important but they’re not crucial for someone’s decision to buy an electric vehicle,” said Studer.

He said it can become more difficult when traveling longer distances.

“Range anxiety is a real thing for consumers, and so you want to make sure you can get to the next place and charge your vehicle and then get to the next place if you’re going to a destination, and so it is a challenge in South Dakota because there isn’t a lot of fast charging,” said Studer.

Studer said change could be on the horizon for those currently driving EVs and those looking into the option.

“The state is working on plans to site different fast chargers along the interstates first, and then working more into those rural areas as the years go by,” said Studer.

For now, it’s important to map out destinations to ensure an EV stays charged.

“The biggest thing is just always keep in mind that if you have an EV to plan your trip and know where the chargers are,” said Kazmierczak.

An EV Expo will be taking place Sept. 19 at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls.

We thank Dakota News Now for reprint permission.

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