SCRS Meeting Includes Discussion with Insurance, Update on Blend Formula

Aaron Schulenburg, right, of SCRS introduces two state insurance commissioners, Mike Causey, left, of North Carolina, and Scott White, center, of Virginia.

Two state insurance commissioners, Mike Causey of North Carolina and Scott White of Virginia, spoke to members of the industry attending an open Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) board meeting April 12 in Richmond, VA. Watch for more coverage of the discussion in the next issue of Autobody News.

Also at the meeting, SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg said CCC Intelligent Solutions has told SCRS that CCC will be making some as-yet-unspecified change later in April to its estimating system relative to the blend formula. Schulenburg said Motor Information Systems---whose estimating database is used by CCC---conducted “observational studies of the blend process” and “indicated to us that they are going to be making a change” within their guide to estimating.

“We do not know exactly what the change is yet because CCC is still working on how that change will impact their software and operations,” Schulenburg said. “They are going through that testing process now. What the change looks like will be communicated to SCRS by the end of April.”

The change comes following an SCRS study last year that the association believes demonstrated blending takes more time than a full panel refinish, rather than the 50% less time allocated in the three estimating systems.

“The research, the work, resulted in positive movement for the industry, and we’re excited to identify what the end result looks like,” Schulenburg said at the meeting last week.

He said SCRS is having “similar conversations” with the other estimating system providers as well.

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