Script Sign Showcases Talents of Ohio Students

The 18.5-foot long, 4-foot tall sign will be installed where it can be seen by drivers on Ridge Road in Wickliffe.

This photo on Auburn Career Center’s Facebook page shows the completed Wickliffe sign.

Students in the welding and auto collision repair programs at Auburn Career Center in Concord Twp., OH, recently completed a Wickliffe script sign, modeled after the popular Cleveland script signs located throughout the city.

According to Auburn Career Center, the sign was painted white, and it will be able to change colors when lit up.

“Expertly designed and crafted by our welding students and painted by the Automotive Collision Repair program, this sign showcases the amazing talent of our students,” the career center said in a statement.

The 18.5-foot-long sign’s letters are 4 feet high, and it is made of 2,000 pounds of sheet steel. More than 10 students worked on the 6,000-hour project, which took approximately nine school months to complete. Eight weeks were spent finishing and painting.

“The Auburn teachers and students pulled their talents together to make this happen,” said Superintendent Brian Bontempo.

Among the students who worked on the project was Nathan Suszynski, of the Chardon School District. Suszynski said the project was challenging in many ways. When asked how it felt to be a part of this and knowing it will be enjoyed by many, he stated he felt proud.

“The wrapping of each letter was a huge challenge for the students to overcome,” said welding instructor Jared Rogge. “It is very tedious. People can’t believe this was done by high school students, from the design and craftsmanship to the finished product. They knocked it out of the park, and it’s absolutely stunning.”

Once the welding students were finished with their part, automotive collision repair students handled the finishing touches and painted it. Ace Locher, of Chardon Schools, as well as Logan Crissey and Alexander Skory, both of Riverside Schools, were the lead ACR students on the project.

The students stated it was amazing how much they learned and how their skills grew while working on the sign, and how they kept raising their standards.

“It’s not every day you can get 17- to 18-year-old kids to stay focused on a job this tedious with no instant gratification,” said ACR instructor Justin Bruno. “It was week in and week out. I’m proud of these students and their dedication and maturity to see it through.”

According to Wickliffe Mayor Joe Sakacs, the sign is either going to be in front of Coulby Mansion or in front of the pond at Coulby Park so that, at either location, it will be able to be seen by motorists on Ridge Road.

“Auburn Career Center has gone above and beyond,” Sakacs said. “This is just another piece in making Wickliffe perfect.”

The city service department is slated to install the sign in the near future.

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