SATA Showcases SATAjet® X 5500 Universe, SATA® QMR at 2023 SEMA Show

SATA reps at SEMA said the company works hard to design products to help shops be more efficient in the repair process.
Company team members at the 2023 SEMA Show included, left to right, Chris Springer, Tony Larimer, Patrick Creaney, Joern Stoever, Brigitte Jorgensen and Knud Jorgensen.
Company representatives at SATA and Dan Am Company, the exclusive independent importer of SATA in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, strive to offer products that represent commitment, precision, appreciation and fun at work. Known by many collision repair professionals worldwide for their German-made spray guns, SATA showcased its products at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. These included the SATAjet® X 5500 universe and the SATA® Quick Material Regulator (QMR). The company also provides cup systems, breathing protection systems and compressed air technology.
“We take pride in offering customers durable, reliable and efficient spray guns, as well as other products that meet their needs,” said Tony Larimer, Dan Am Company’s director of sales and marketing.
Every year, the family-owned company designs a special edition spray gun. In 2023, SATA introduced the SATAjet X 5500 universe, a version of SATA’s premium spray gun. It includes a QR code that grants owners access to SATA’s online universe portal. After entering the product’s SATA Authentication Label (SAL) number, they can receive access to promotions, competitions and content, such as early product information and technical tips.
Larimer said the economical spray gun was designed to be used by a wide range of skill levels and is noticeably quieter than others on the market due to its whispering nozzle and optimized flow geometry. Using the X nozzle system, the spray gun is compatible with all paint systems.
The SATAjet X 5500 was built to optimize material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity.
“The maintenance-free and easy-to-operate gun is suitable for application processes that require specific, reduced material flow rates on a regular basis,” explained Larimer.
The spray gun has a constant fan size across the nozzle spectrum with linear increases in the material flow rate and no air distribution insert is required.
Larimer said the spray gun also offers a wide range of nozzle sets. “It’s a very versatile spray gun,” he added.
The company also displayed the SATA Quick Material Regulator (QMR) at SEMA.
The QMR has a fluid adjustment setting and a quick "release function" that allows painters to switch to the fully open position within seconds.
“When application processes require frequently recurring adjustments between reduced and fully open material flow rates, the SATA QMR was designed to save time and money,” explained Larimer. “The material flow regulation device allows painters to preset the required reduced material flow rate, which can then be activated quickly, precisely and in reproducible fashion at the push of a button.”
The SATA QMR offers the retrofit option for the SATAjet X 5500/SATAjet 5000 B. It is available in one pack (1186213) or a two-pack (1162817).
The company held a lottery Nov. 15 to give back to the painting specialists and fans of SATA’s products. Prizes included two 2024 SEMA Show Las Vegas trips (megaprize), one of three CDG guns (first prize), one of 10 SATAjet X 5500 (second prize), one of three 4400 B Lady Edition II (third prize), several SATA hoodies and more.
“Right now, every job that you do in a shop needs to be more efficient,” said Larimer. “For us at Dan-Am Company, we are proud that SATA works hard to design products to help shops be more efficient with the repair and stop errors and redos.”
SATA & Dan Am Company both offer a wide range of training on their YouTube channel.
For more information about SATA products, call 800-533-8016, visit or call your local distributor.

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