Rivian Inks Wind Energy Deal to Power Illinois Manufacturing


Rivian and Apex Clean Energy on Dec. 5 announced the signing of a power purchase agreement for 50 megawatts of electricity from the renewable energy company’s proposed Goose Creek Wind farm in Piatt County, IL.

As Rivian’s first large-scale procurement, the agreement supports the company’s long-term vision of enabling high-impact renewable energy projects that reduce its carbon footprint while also benefiting customers, communities and the electrical grid.

This purchase, along with other renewable sourcing and on-site generation, will allow Rivian to power as much as 75% of its Normal, IL, plant operations with carbon-free energy on an hourly basis. The agreement will also contribute to the company’s commitment to power its Rivian Adventure Network and Waypoints charging with 100% renewable energy.

Importantly, this is Rivian’s first major renewable energy purchase and a critical investment in Illinois---supporting homegrown jobs, economic development, tax revenues and clean energy in the Prairie State.

“About a third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, with nearly another third from electricity generation. We have a tremendous opportunity at Rivian to help tackle emissions beyond the tailpipe to support decarbonization of manufacturingandcharging of electric vehicles,” said Andrew Peterman, Rivian director of renewable energy. “Long-term success for us means helping to accelerate the transition to carbon-free energy across the entire economy, not just within Rivian’s own footprint.”

Rivian’s renewable energy strategy combines climate impact, community and local ecological considerations. Working with The Nature Conservancy and itsSite Renewables Rightinitiative, Rivian aims to support grid decarbonization while also promoting renewable developments that enhance the land, protect critical biodiversity and improve local economies.

“With Goose Creek Wind, Rivian is modeling an innovative approach to clean energy procurement---one that emphasizes maximum benefit to the local community, economy and environment,” said Mark Goodwin, president and CEO of Apex. “Apex continues to expand opportunities for corporations committed to strengthening local project areas, reducing carbon impact and restoring natural habitat---all priorities for Rivian as it continues to build out its vision for the future.”

Within an hour's drive of Rivian’s flagship Normal facility, Goose Creek Wind will put more carbon-free energy on the Central Illinois grid by tapping the region’s largest and most sustainable resource---the wind.

Rivian promotes and relies on the growth of clean energy in Illinois, contributing to statewide efforts to increase the proportion of renewables from 11%---compared to the national average of 20%---and reduce marginal emissions of a carbon intensive grid.

Rivian has signed the Climate Pledge to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Apex is currently in the process of securing local permits and approvals for the 300 MW Goose Creek Project to be built and as a stipulation of the agreement. The project is slated to begin operations in 2024.

Source: Rivian

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