Remote Vehicle Sale Legislation Signed into Law in Iowa

Remote Vehicle Sale Legislation Signed into Law in Iowa

Legislation to allow remote sales of vehicles was signed into law April 28 by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The legislation was introduced and sponsored in early March by the Iowa House Transportation Committee, and passed unanimously in both the Iowa House of Representatives with a 95-0 vote, and in the Iowa State Senate in a 50-0 vote.

Carvana, which buys and sells used cars online, has been a strong advocate of this legislation throughout the proceedings.

“Iowa residents have been clear that they are fans of Carvana’s online buying experience,” said William Dammann, manager of government affairs at Carvana. “Today, you can purchase almost anything online, from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered; buying a car should be no different. We are happy to see the legislation pass with widespread support after working closely with the Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa Auto Dealers Association to craft this legislation.”

The legislation modernizes Iowa state law with options for consumers to reflect the advancements of the car-buying model in the 21st century. The legislation benefits all automotive dealers and remote dealers in the state of Iowa. Many other states have permitted remote vehicle sales and home delivery, as they continue to respond to consumer needs and recognize the immense time and cost savings provided to residents are an increasingly critical element of modern-day life.

Carvana has been operating in Iowa since 2021, and with the passing of this new legislation, is eager to offer Iowans the ability to purchase a vehicle online with fulfillment to their front door.

Source: Carvana

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