Refined Tesla Cybertruck Sighted Testing on Fremont Roads

This photo posted April 25 to the teslamotors subeddit by user ajaysns shows a Tesla Cybertruck on a public road near Fremont, CA.

Tesla critics may continue to argue the Cybertruck does not exist, but such points will likely be moot in the coming months. If sightings of the upcoming all-electric truck are any indication, it appears the Tesla Cybertruck is steadily getting more refined, and it is closing in on its initial production.

Recent photos shared on the TeslaMotors subreddit showed a Tesla Cybertruck prototype driving near the Fremont, CA, factory and the company’s pilot 4680 battery cell production line at Kato Road. The vehicle in the photos looked refined with its clean exterior, side mirrors and “mega wiper.”

The recent images of the Tesla Cybertruck were received well online, though some members in the subreddit noted the vehicle’s seemingly more rounded front makes it look less aggressive than before. Others, however, were simply excited about the Cybertruck’s eventual start of production.

During the Q1 2023 earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Cybertruck will likely have a dedicated delivery event sometime in the third quarter. Previous estimates suggested the Cybertruck would enter initial production in summer, and summer ends in late September, so there seems to be a good chance the Cybertruck’s handover event may indeed happen before Q4 2023.

The Cybertruck’s impending arrival was highlighted in Tesla’s Q1 Update Letter, which featured several photos of the Cybertruck’s assembly line at Gigafactory Texas, including a closeup of Tesla workers assembling a unit of the all-electric pickup truck.

Teardown expert Sandy Munro, who is well-versed in Tesla’s inner workings thanks to several in-depth analyses of vehicles like the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, was impressed with the Cybertruck photos.

As noted by Munro on Twitter, the Cybertruck production line photos showed a perfect build. Munro noted there was no mismatch in the vehicle being assembled, and he also observed the Cybertruck looks very strong.

“I love the structure; the structure is wicked strong, and it looks like it is battleship strong,” Munro wrote.

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