Precision Diagnostics Expands to 3 New Markets

Precision Diagnostics Expands to 3 New Markets

The Wisconsin-based company now offers sublet diagnostics and ADAS calibration in 11 states.

Madison, WI-based Precision Diagnostics announced its expansion into three new markets: Michigan, Indiana and Kansas City, bringing its total state coverage to 11.

"Expanding into these three new markets presented an opportunity for us to continue to grow into areas that are currently underserved when it comes to needing a quality sublet diagnostic vendor," said Precision Diagnostics COO Tom McGuire

Precision Diagnostics offers a comprehensive range of sublet services, including diagnostics, calibrations, wire repairs, pre- and post-scans, OE programming and 1234YF AC services, and a team of ASE and I-CAR certified mobile techs.

The expansion is not just a geographic spread, but also an increase in operational capacity. The company's mobile fleet is rapidly approaching 100 van units, servicing more than 1,500 collision repair shops across the Midwest. 

In addition to its expanding mobile operations, Precision Diagnostics operates three brick-and-mortar locations in Wisconsin, providing mechanical sublet repairs and serving as calibration centers.

This year, Precision Diagnostics celebrated its fourth anniversary.

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