Polyvance Releases Kenworth W900 Long Hood Spring Pocket Repair Kit


Polyvance on Feb. 22 announced the immediate availability of its new Kenworth W900 Long Hood Spring Pocket repair kit.

The Kenworth W900 hood is notorious for breaking where the hood support springs mount. The hood is made from an unreinforced thermoset material, called Metton, which is not weldable. Polyvance's KENW900LSP repair kit is much less expensive than a replacement hood and will also create a repair that is stronger than the original, since the spring load is spread out over a much larger area.

The Kenworth W900 spring pocket repair kit includes two custom-cast aluminum caps that fit into the recesses in the hood where the springs mount. The caps are bonded to the hood over a very large area using Polyvance's 2510 PlastiFix two-component methacrylate adhesive, proven to have a stronger bond to Metton than epoxy or urethane adhesives. The KENW900LSP kit includes two 200ml dual cartridges of the 2510 PlastiFix adhesive, one for each cap.

The Kenworth W900 spring pocket repair kit is 100% designed and built in the U.S. by Polyvance, a specialist in plastic repair and refinishing products since 1981.

The new W900 kit is the latest addition to Polyvance's growing line of Kenworth hood repair kits, which also include solutions for the popular T800 and T880 models.

To see an installation video of this product, visit www.polyvance.com and search for KENW900LSP.

Source: Polyvance

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