Polyvance Releases 6180 Mini-Fuzer Hot Air Plastic Welding Station


Polyvance announced the immediate availability of its new budget-friendly 6180 Mini-Fuzer Hot Air Plastic Welding Station. The Mini-Fuzer completes Polyvance’s plastic welder lineup, filling the gap between the 5700HT Mini-Weld airless plastic welder and the professional quality Nitro-Fuzer nitrogen plastic welders.

The Mini-Fuzer includes both a hot air welder and an airless welder for making repairs to a wide variety of plastic materials. The hot air welder can be used to make fast, strong repairs on meltable plastics, and the airless welder can be used to repair thermoset polyurethane parts. 

The kit is packaged with 10 plastic welding rod types and stainless steel wire mesh for reinforcement. The Mini-Fuzer is great for repairing virtually any plastic found on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, canoes, recreational vehicles, agricultural equipment and more.

The Mini-Fuzer features temperature feedback control on both hot air and airless welders, automatic hot air welder heat-up and cool-down, variable hot air flow and three memory buttons to store commonly used settings. Because it has an onboard air pump, the Mini-Fuzer does not require a compressed air connection, allowing it to be used in mobile repair operations, or anywhere a 120V power source is available.

More information about the 6180 Mini-Fuzer Hot Air Plastic Welding Station can be found by visiting www.polyvance.com or by calling 800-633-3047.

Source: Polyvance

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