Polyvance Announces Trade-In Rebate for Decade-Old Nitrogen Plastic Welders

The company encourages customers who bought an older welder, built without a pressure safety switch, to upgrade.
Polyvance will provide rebates of up to $600 for customers upgrading old nitrogen plastic welders to the latest specifications.

Polyvance built plastic welders between 2006 and 2013 that did not feature a pressure safety switch. This can be a safety issue because the heating element will continue to heat even if there is no gas flow through the welder. This will cause the torch to overheat, which may melt the handle and burn out the heating element.

Polyvance is encouraging users of these old welders to upgrade to a new welder. The rebate level varies depending on the model that is purchased.

Unit Purchased and Rebate

8203: $600
8202: $400
8201: $300
8001: $100

To request a rebate, users of the old welders would simply submit a photo of the old welder’s serial number and a copy of the invoice dated after Jan. 8, 2024, showing the purchase of a new Polyvance nitrogen plastic welder to info@polyvance.com. This trade-in rebate is also valid on newer models and for owners of competitive nitrogen plastic welders. This rebate offer expires Dec. 31.

As part of this initiative, Polyvance is also announcing the discontinuation of support for the 6053 and 6056 nitrogen plastic welders. The replacement part affected by this support discontinuation is the 6100HW hose and handle assembly, the part most commonly damaged when the element overheats. Effective starting Feb. 1, Polyvance will no longer manufacture or sell the 6100HW.

The 6053 Hot Air Welder can be recognized by its gray sheet metal enclosure. As a nitrogen welder, the 6053 was assembled with a black nitrogen-air switch mounted to its top, with a part number of 6053N2. The welder and cart assembly was identified as Part Number 6056. These welders displayed the “Urethane Supply Company” brand, Polyvance’s company name prior to 2016.

Contact Polyvance for more details on this rebate program by calling 800-633-3047 or emailing info@polyvance.com.

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