Owner of Mississippi Mechanic Shop Arrested After Customer Complaints


Zachary Coalburn faces a charge of "intent to cheat or defraud" customers at his shop, C&C Diesel Performance.

Hernando, MS, officers arrested and booked the owner of a mechanic shop on Oct. 11 after multiple customers complained of service.

Zachary Coalburn, 29, faces a charge of false pretense, defined as "intent to cheat or defraud."

Capt. Kyle Hodge with the Hernando Police Department confirmed to FOX13 the charge is in connection to his business at C&C Diesel Performance.

On Oct. 12, FOX13 met several customers who were frustrated with the quality of service they've received there.

An Olive Branch, MS, woman said she needed her brakes and a fuse repaired for her 2011 Ford Explorer.

She said she was charged for work she didn't need or want.

“I saw charges for $700 worth of suspension work," the woman explained. "I was like, 'Well, wait, hold on. Brakes and a fuse. Where did that come from?'”

She asked not to be identified because she still hopes to get her money back.

A Hernando man told FOX13 the shop charged him $5,000 to fix a broken air conditioner in his car, but it continued to blow hot air.

“I believe he was just throwing parts at it knowing he wasn’t going to fix it," the man said.

It is not clear if those specific customer complaints led to the arrest.

Hernando police said they executed a search warrant at the business Oct. 11 and arrested Coalburn at that time.

We thank FOX13 Memphis for reprint permission.

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