Oregon Passes Law Digitizing Car Buying Experience

Oregon Passes Law Digitizing Car Buying Experience

Legislation signed into law by Oregon Gov. Tina Koteck will result in the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) adopting rules that permit the use of electronic services in vehicle ownership. 

The legislation was introduced in January and sponsored by House Rep. Susan McLain, co-chair of the Joint Transportation Committee, and passed unanimously in both the Oregon House of Representatives with a 57-0 vote and in the Oregon State Senate in a 24-0 vote. 

Carvana partnered with McLain to lead the effort with stakeholders and introduce the bill. The bill paves the way for a significant, digital modernization of ODOT electronic services.

“Oregon residents deserve a modernized car buying experience from the dealer of their choice,” said Tony Hall, senior manager of government affairs at Carvana. “The passing of this bill works towards a goal we firmly stand behind; to allow Oregonians to purchase a vehicle in the most convenient way possible and conduct the necessary purchase paperwork with ease. We are happy to see the legislation pass with unanimous support after working closely with the Oregon state lawmakers, ODOT and other stakeholders to craft this legislation. We are grateful to Chair McLain for her leadership in promoting this common-sense, consumer friendly legislation.”

The legislation modernizes Oregon state law by permitting dealers to execute signatures and submit documents electronically, including vehicle titles and registration. Many other states have permitted the electronic signatures and transmission of these documents, as they continue to respond to consumer needs and recognize the immense time savings provided to residents are an increasingly critical element of modern-day life.

Additionally, the new law requires ODOT to establish an electronic lien and title program, adding Oregon to a list of 42 other states that already have these systems or authority to establish them. This program allows the ODOT and a financial institution to exchange vehicle ownership information electronically for vehicles that are financed. The ownership information is sent electronically, and the lienholder stores the electronic information instead of a paper title. Once the financial terms are satisfied, the lienholder electronically notifies ODOT. This program is typically a state’s first step towards full electronic titling, which significantly reduces fraud and brings a number of other benefits to the state, customers and businesses.

“Our state is dedicated to embracing technology to make a real difference in the lives of Oregonians,” said McLain. “This legislation represents a meaningful step forward in making it easier for individuals to complete the process of titling and registering their vehicles. I am proud to have sponsored this important bill and applaud the work of the private and public sector stakeholders, who played a vital role in ensuring its passage.”

Carvana has been operating in Oregon since 2021, and with the passing of this new legislation, is eager to offer Oregon residents a seamless online process, from the purchase of a vehicle online with fulfillment to their front door, to the online registration and titling process. Promoting innovative policy is part of Carvana’s mission to empower consumers and revolutionize the vehicle purchase process.

Source: Carvana

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