Orders Open for New EV from REVO ZERO

The vehicle is the first to combine a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric battery into a sleek SUV design.


The model ENERGY, by REVO ZERO, a zero-emission technology company, is now available for pre-order with a $500 refundable deposit. 

The vehicle is the first in the world to combine a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric battery into a sleek SUV design, offering both luxury and innovation. With a range of 700 miles, fast refueling time and impressive performance capabilities, the model ENERGY represents a new generation of electric vehicles and marks a significant step forward in the transportation industry, making range anxiety a thing of the past.

The three-row SUV has a capacity of up to six people and maintains a configurable large cargo space. This vehicle is built with safety and versatility in mind, as well as performance and comfort. The model ENERGY can be recharged at home affordably, like any other electric car, while remaining an optimal solution for long trips thanks to its hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen acts as an onboard on-demand charger, offering a range of around 700 miles.

REVO ZERO's revolutionary approach integrates the best aspects of two technologies, a hydrogen fuel cell and an electric battery, into one vehicle. The combination merges the benefits of both technologies and negates their drawbacks. It is an optimal and economical solution for both long and short trips, creating a new step in the evolution towards zero-emissions solutions and setting a new standard in the transportation industry. 

The model ENERGY is powered by the plug-in Fuel Cell Technology module (pFC Technology).

Pre-orders of the model ENERGY are now available.

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