OPENLANE's Visual Boost AI Revolutionizes Used Vehicle Inspections

The use of artificial intelligence streamlines the inspection process and gives buyers a more efficient way to assess damage.


OPENLANE, Inc., a leader in digital marketplaces for wholesale used vehicles, unveiled its innovative Visual Boost AI™ technology. This cutting-edge tool significantly enhances vehicle inspection processes by employing artificial intelligence to detect and highlight exterior damage in dealer-consigned vehicles. 

At the heart of this innovation is the capability of Visual Boost AI to supplement traditional vehicle inspection data. By integrating AI-powered overlays directly into vehicle photos within the condition report, potential defects are now prominently and accurately displayed. This not only streamlines the inspection process but also provides buyers with a more intuitive and efficient way to assess vehicles before purchase.

James Coyle, EVP and president of North American marketplaces at OPENLANE, emphasized the commitment to making wholesale transactions simpler. "Visual Boost AI solves a persistent industry pain point for buyers," he said. 

The AI overlays translate written condition report data into an easily interpretable visual format, effectively providing a second set of eyes for dealers. This feature is accessible whether on the road, on the lot or on a phone, offering a near in-person inspection experience from any screen.

The technology leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision to create virtual overlays of any detected exterior damage. These overlays, featuring hot pink highlights, pinpoint a range of damages including dents, scratches, rust and more. Buyers can toggle these overlays on or off within the condition report for each vehicle, enabling them to interpret data more quickly and make well-informed bidding and buying decisions.

Rami Mourtaja, general manager of R B Morgan Co in Houston, TX, attested to the enhanced inspection quality, noting a 60%-70% increase in confidence regarding major vehicle damage assessment. "Before, I was circling the pictures trying to find everything, and now it's all done for me," he said.

Developed in partnership with Click-Ins Visual Intelligence platform, Visual Boost AI is part of OPENLANE's growing portfolio of mobile-based AI capabilities for damage detection and vehicle inspections. The technology integrates seamlessly into the inspection process, with independent vehicle inspectors using their smartphone cameras to scan vehicles. The AI then generates damage overlays for each of the eight standard condition report images, which are subsequently validated by the inspector.

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