On The Lighter Side: New Porsche Is Coming In June

On The Lighter Side: New Porsche Is Coming In June

It marks a very special anniversary…

A new report from Road and Track claims Porsche will reveal a new model on June 8, 2023 to mark the 75th anniversary of the first 356 certified for road use. That would make sense since Porsche is keen on marking important dates and this is a big one. However, not everyone seems to agree what this new model might be.

On the wild end of the spectrum is a modern version of the Porsche 356. Considering automakers have been dragging out and reheating the corpses of legendary models, some good and some bad, this is certainly a possibility, although it would definitely be a limited-edition vehicle with a pretty small production run. Think something along the lines of the new Lamborghini Countach.

However, Road and Track cites Spike Feresten’s podcast where he claims the new Porsche “has not been talked about yet.” The comedian, writer, and car guy wouldn’t name his source, so we assume it’s someone inside the company who isn’t supposed to be leaking anything. But that’s all the information he had, leaving everyone to continue speculating wildly.

One of the more obvious suggestions is Porsche will come out with a 356 Heritage trim for an existing model line. The 911 is the best candidate considering it was the successor, in a way, of the little sports car. However, it’s possible the Cayman might receive the honor, but that’s not nearly as likely.

Others feel Porsche will mark the occasion by revealing a 911 ST trim, hearkening back to the light-weight racers made back in the 70s. This supposedly would be accomplished with more modern materials like carbon-fiber body panels, while the powertrain from the current GT3 would be used. It seems pretty out there, but sure it’s possible.

Considering how good Porsche is at keeping secrets, we’re probably going to have to wait until June 8 for the big reveal.

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