On The Lighter Side: Ken Block’s Greatest Gymkhana Antics

On The Lighter Side: Ken Block’s Greatest Gymkhana Antics

This level of car control was virtually unheard of, it’s what made him a legend.

Ken Block was a great man who truly exhibited the best aspects of skill and dedication to a craft. Some are great carpenters, others are good with computers, but Ken was a master of his mind and body. He showed this off quite well with the Gymkhana series as he slid the cars around as if they were on ice. Here’s a few of the best videos to ever come out of Hoonigan’s signature series.

First of all, most people got their first taste of Ken with the first Hoonicorn video. A perfect combination of appreciation for building and driver skill, that film went on to inspire millions of fans. It’s insane to think about how proudly the video proclaimed the Mustang’s 845 horsepower when you realize the next version of the car had around 1,400. Speaking of which, we can’t forget the time he pushed the Hoonicorn to 1,400 ft in the pursuit of Pikes Peak.

Ken was a risk taker, not only while he drove. In fact he took a risky approach to marketing as well with big budget films and dangerous stunts. That’s the kind of spirit that had him take on a challenge that most car people wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole, drifting an electric car.

Deemed the Hoonitron, the car may not have sounded fast but Ken made it into something so much more than just an electric Audi. Las Vegas was the perfect place to play with one of the greatest drivers of our generation behind the wheel. While Ken may be gone, the incredible legacy he built still remains and will continue to inspire and shine in the eyes of enthusiasts everywhere.

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