On The Lighter Side: Ford’s Supercar Scares Jimmy Fallon

Ford’s Supercar Scares Jimmy Fallon

It’s funny watching celebrities lose their cool when they get strapped into a race car.

You might’ve heard that Ford is developing quite a few different iterations of their new Mustang. Along with the Darkhorse, eco-boost, and possible Shelby models, you also have the GT additions. However, it’s just now striking people's minds that Ford is trying to turn their flagship pony car into a supercar. Whether or not the Mustang can ever be a super car is pretty much a matter of personal opinion. However, there’s no doubt that Ford has produced some really crazy performance models in their time which is exactly why they chose to show it off to none other than Jimmy Fallon.

To address the confusing part of this whole ordeal, the Ford Mustang supercar refers to the racing class that it was built to compete in. Essentially, these vehicles are Australian in nature and built to operate within the supercar class of competitive motor sports. That’s why the brand uses the moniker for the Mustang even if it is a little confusing for those of us who know what a Mustang actually is, a muscle and pony car. It’s pretty crazy to think about just how much effort they put into these cars and it’s certainly present when watching the video. 

Jim Farley, the current CEO of Ford, has a bit of a flamboyant taste when it comes to promoting his vehicles. That’s exactly why he brought on comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon to feel the real power of Ford’s most iconic model. I ripping through gears in the sequential manual gearbox well also taking turns and corners shows us exactly what kind of handling capabilities the car has. Everything from the big spoiler on the back to the roaring sound of what seems to be a V-8 engine under the hood puts in the mood to have fun in this car which is exactly what Jim and Fallon did behind the wheel. Overall it’s a great car and hopefully will get to see a lot more of it as the seventh generation S650 Mustang continues to make its debut on the performance muscle car scene.

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