On The Lighter Side: Eddie's Classic Collection Explored

On The Lighter Side: Eddie's Classic Collection Explored

This ridiculous gathering of American vintage automobiles is a jaw-dropping sight for nearly any enthusiast.

We've seen some pretty massive collections over the years because of the dedication that some enthusiasts commit to gathering vintage models. From early automobiles to the best of modern performance vehicles, these various collections have shown off some truly impressive pieces. However, it's rare to see a mass of cars whose number has even two digits which is more than enough cars for even some of the most experienced collectors.

That might seem like a lot of cars but it's quite literally pocket change when you compare it to this incredible sum of American performance and historic automobiles.

While the entire collection is very impressive, it would take far too long to go through each vehicle sitting in the yard of this old stage location. Some of these cars are pretty cool with a lot of history behind the wheel while others are questionable to say the least.

One of the best examples in the field is a couple of 1969 Ford Mustang fastbacks which seem to be almost identical from a distance. Like a couple of lost lovers who only have each other left in the world, these cars have been leaning together for decades with little to no driving in that time. Both of these vehicles have rotted thoroughly throughout the years but someday might see the road once again because it seems that the owner regularly sells classic cars.

On top of that, there is also a Chevrolet pickup truck in the very near vicinity that has been sitting there for so long that a full tree has grown through the bed. On top of that you can see a few Ramblers and AMC models which are always a treat to see especially when you pair it with the odd Dodge Dart scattered throughout the area.

All of this adds up to a wild collection with more than enough cars to keep nearly any enthusiast talking for hours, if not days. With this in mind, its easy to see why this collection is called the 10K Classic Car Armageddon.

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