On The Lighter Side: Check Out A Bankrupt Lottery Winner’s Car Collection

On The Lighter Side: Check Out A Bankrupt Lottery Winner’s Car Collection

Left to rot for years now, it’s a sad sight…

You might fantasize about winning the lottery and all the cars you could buy as a result, but the reality is probably a lot worse than you think. After all, a lot of lotto winners end up bankrupt, which is what apparently happened to some guy back in 1985. For whatever reason, his car collection has just sat in his old mansion’s garage ever since. A YouTuber takes us through it.

Why nobody has done anything with the cars and property all this time isn’t clear. We don’t even know where this place is as the YouTuber for understandable reasons doesn’t want to say. You can see immediately that despite efforts to keep the location secret, some vandals have already helped themselves to car badges, broken windows, spray painted some of the cars, and in general just been dorks.

While the exterior of these cars, most of which are American 80s models, have taken quite the beating, the interiors look pretty well-preserved. These types of abandoned collections are always fascinating since they’re a way to walk back in time without going to a museum with all its sterilization of history. Instead, you get all the grit and grime of the real world, including how kids think it’s great to vandalize the past because they know so much.

There are some classics in the garage, all of them American as well. It’s interesting that someone who won the lottery and apparently had plenty of money until he lost everything didn’t run out and buy a Ferrari or anything crazy like that.

The video starts with the YouTuber talking about himself and how he’s such a massive car guy because he’s wearing a Bugatti hat and other boring details you probably won’t care about. If you don’t want to hear him ramble, skip to 1:30 and start it there.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission

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