On The Lighter Side: Barn Find Hunter Bags Two Classics

65 Mustang

If you’re interested in getting in on the barn find action, you might learn a thing or two from legend Dennis Collins.

The man has a knack for tracking down some interesting vehicles in places you might not think to look, like Ashely, Illinois and Bloomsdale, Missouri. Hidden away in those towns were a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback and a 1978 Toyota Truck extended cab dually with a camper shell, both rare finds in their own rite. We’ve included the video Collins put together of these two rescues, which is really something to behold.

According to the 2010 US Census, the population of Ashley, Indiana is a mere 536 people. You probably aren’t visiting the place unless you have a relative living there, but if you do there should be no problem asking anyone where they live. Most people just speed by on Interstate 69, but Dennis Collins arrived to see a vehicle, not a person, in particular the Toyota truck.

This Toyota has been sitting since 1984, but the owner says it runs “like a sewing machine” if he installs a new battery and puts some gas in the carb – that’s pretty amazing and a big testament to the quality of old Toyotas. What’s more, this Truck is rare, which checks off a big box for Dennis. They guy also has a sweet 1946 Chevrolet Stake Bed which also fires right up, a testament to the quality of that much older truck.

As for Bloomsdale, Missouri, it boasts a population of 521, or at least it did for the 2010 US Census. We imagine it hasn’t exactly boomed since, but its lack of size doesn’t mean there’s nothing of value in the town. Hidden away on a property is a battered but still valuable 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback. The owner of the car told Dennis it’s been sitting for 20 years and it looks like it’s trying to rejoin the earth.

Fortunately, the pony was saved and will be enjoying life galloping free again. It used to be Honey Gold, a color Ford only used on 1965 Mustangs, so it would be great if it were restored to that original paint in the process.

Check out the video to see the rescue of both these classic cars.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission

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