On The Lighter Side: Arizona Grinch Gets Pulled Over In The Carpool Lane

On The Lighter Side: Arizona Grinch Gets Pulled Over In The Carpool Lane

It’s that time of the year when people are using inflatable Christmas decorations to game the HOV lane restrictions…

A rather odd situation involving someone transporting Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch as a passenger while driving in the carpool lane transpired recently in the Phoenix metro area. An Arizona state trooper noticed the “Seusspicious-looking” passenger riding shotgun and took action, pulling over the scofflaw driver during morning rush hour traffic.

We’ve seen people try to pull the wool over law enforcement’s eyes in the HOV lane using dummies and other more realistic-looking “passengers” but this is the first time we’ve someone use an inflatable Christmas decoration. Why this driver thought that was clever is beyond us.

After determining the passenger wasn’t someone wearing a suit, and that nobody was in the backseat, the trooper cited the driver for the HOV lane violation. Just like in many areas, there are time restrictions when nobody driving with just one person in a car can use the carpool lane. The exception is if you have a “clean” vehicle like a hybrid or EV, depending on the regulations where you live.

Even with the driver’s face blurred, we all know there’s a true Karen behind the wheel. The clothing, the posture, the crap on the dash and rearview mirror say it all. Considering the pain she’s inflicted on countless fast food workers and probably more, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for her not getting off with just a warning.

As everyone heads out for holiday gatherings and maybe a getaway vacation, we all need to watch out for the rules of the road. Sure, it’s annoying dealing with heavy traffic and the HOV lane can look tempting, but it’s best to just not go there if you’re driving alone or the trip can cost.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission

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