Oklahoma Senate Bill Would Set Unfair Storage Rates: ASA

The bill would impose the same price caps proposed in another bill in the state Senate, also opposed by ASA.


The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is calling on the Oklahoma Legislature to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 1741, which proposes maximum daily storage rates ranging from $24 to $70, depending on the vehicle's size and storage conditions -- the same rates proposed in SB 1853, which ASA also opposed, while removing SB 1853’s other provisions.

The rates are significantly lower than the current market rates, which exceed $100 in major Oklahoma areas, according to third-party surveys. The ASA argues these caps will unfairly impact repair businesses, forcing them to absorb costs for storage delays beyond their control.

The bill proposes the following maximum daily storage rates:

  • Motorcycle, automobile or light truck up to 20 feet in length: $24 (outdoor), $39 (indoor)
    Single vehicle or combination of vehicles over 20 feet in length but less than 30 feet in length: $32 (outdoor), $47 (indoor)
    Single vehicle or combination of vehicles over 30 feet in length and up to 8 feet in width: $39 (outdoor), $55 (indoor)
    Single vehicle or combination of vehicles over 30 feet in length and over 8 feet in width: $55 (outdoor), $70 (indoor)

While some proponents of SB 1741 argue it is a less severe alternative to its predecessor, SB 1853, the ASA contends that comparing two unfavorable bills does not justify the passage of legislation that could have negative ramifications for the industry.

This bill would not protect consumers, but it would make it easier for insurers to prolong the repair process. These small repair businesses should not have to foot the bill for delays they cannot control.

“Sensing a challenging path to passing SB 1853, the organizations supporting that legislation have found it more convenient to push for SB 1741 and dress it up as a 'reasonable' alternative," said Scott Benavidez, chair of ASA’s Board of Directors. "To an independent automotive repairer, there is nothing reasonable about being told they can only charge $24 per day to store a vehicle. Many repairers have had to increase storage fees in recent years because insurance companies are taking longer to complete their claims process, leaving vehicles sitting pointlessly in the shop. These vehicles -- especially electric vehicles -- take up valuable space in shops and can prevent facilities from accepting other repair jobs. This bill would unfairly harm small businesses and signals an abandonment of free-market principles.”

ASA encourages automotive repair professionals in Oklahoma to join the repair community’s efforts to stop this bill from becoming law. Auto repairers in Oklahoma can educate their elected officials on the harms posed by 1741 by contacting them using ASA’s easy-to-use Taking the Hill advocacy platform. The link to take action is here.

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