Oklahoma Facility Offers ADAS Recalibration to Surrounding Area

ADAS Calibration Center in Edmond is a franchise of Car ADAS Solutions.


As advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) have become increasingly common on new vehicles, the necessity for precise calibration of radar, cameras, LiDAR and other smart sensors is more crucial than ever to maintain safety and functionality.

The Journal Record recently reported on ADAS Calibration Center in Edmond, OK, where partner Grady Reece highlighted the importance of accurate calibrations, noting that even slight misalignments could lead to dangerous misinterpretations by the vehicle's systems, potentially causing unintended braking or other hazardous reactions.

The meticulous process of calibration, as outlined by Arron Fox, a technician at the facility, involves a controlled environment with specific conditions such as a level floor, white walls and no external disturbances to ensure the accuracy of the calibration process.

Despite the essential nature of this calibration, many body shops remain unaware of its importance or lack the necessary facilities to perform these adjustments correctly. The consequences of neglected or improper calibration can be severe, misleading the vehicle's safety systems and compromising passenger safety.

The financial aspect of calibration, ranging from $350 to $2,000, is another point of contention, particularly with insurance companies. However, ADAS Calibration Center advocates for the necessity of these procedures, ensuring vehicles are returned to their owners not just repaired but also recalibrated to meet the manufacturer's safety standards.

As vehicles evolve with more autonomous features, the interplay of various sensors and cameras, akin to human senses, becomes integral to the vehicle's operation. While these advancements offer significant safety improvements, they are not substitutes for attentive driving, as Fox reminds us that traditional driving precautions remain essential.

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