Nxu Announces First Megawatt+ Charging Site Along Major Highway Corridor

Nxu Announces First Megawatt+ Charging Site Along Major Highway Corridor

Nxu Inc., a domestic technology company creating EV charging and energy storage solutions, is under contract to purchase the site for its first deployment of megawatt+ charging, in Quartzsite, AZ.

Located on a major highway corridor immediately off exit 19 on Interstate 10, the Nxu One Megawatt+ Charging location will provide a much-needed charging experience for the growing number of consumer and commercial EVs regularly traveling on this major freeway between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The Nxu One Charging System is the only universal, dual-technology solution available for public charging. With a liquid-cooled charging handle, it is designed to support up to 4.5MW of bi-directional DC power and up to 50kW of bi-directional AC power. Nxu One adapts to the vehicle, charging as fast and as powerful as the vehicle will allow, whether that’s a Chevy Bolt or an EV semi. A seamless cloud experience provides charging monitoring and payment solutions.

“The number of consumer EV and commercial truck drivers that are traveling longer distances, and need better, more customer-centric charging solutions, is growing by the day,” said Mark Hanchett, Nxu founder, chairman and CEO. “The decision to advance our electric future should be rewarded with an efficient charging experience, not punished by long lines, unreliable technology and slow charging. We’re honored to be partners in getting EV adopters from point A to point B with the consistency and confidence their gas-powered counterparts enjoy.”

Building on its successful demonstrations of megawatt+ charging and NACS charging compatibility earlier this year, the company is deploying field trials of its Nxu One Charging System in the coming weeks. Nxu anticipates beginning construction in Quartzsite in 2024, with the intent to offer charging to customers as soon as possible upon construction completion.

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