New Tech Ends Dealership Guesswork on Service Timing

The new tool allows dealership service centers to align maintenance reminders with customers' vehicles' actual mileage.


Connected Dealer Services introduced a new feature to its CarRx by Elo GPS platform: True Odometer Mileage Reporting. This innovative enhancement, designed for vehicles from the 2021 model year onwards, promises to eliminate the guesswork traditionally associated with vehicle maintenance and service marketing, offering a new level of precision and personalized customer service.

"At Connected Dealer Services, we understand that accuracy means everything in dealership operations," said Shane Wilson, president. "With real odometer readings, dealers can now reach customers with maintenance reminders that match their actual driving habits. It's all about personalized service, and with this update, our CarRx platform sets a new standard for precision in the industry."

The introduction of true odometer readings allows dealerships to perfectly time their service reminders, aligning them with the actual mileage of each vehicle, addressing a common source of frustration among drivers who receive service notifications that do not reflect their car's true mileage.

"This latest feature is more than an upgrade---it's a transformation in how dealerships can interact with and serve their customers," said Levi Baade, vice president of product. "By harnessing true odometer data, we enable dealerships to market and schedule services based on real-world vehicle usage. This saves dealerships money on poorly timed service advertising campaigns and reinforces dealership credibility while improving the overall service experience for drivers. It's a simple yet powerful step towards smarter, data-driven dealership management."

Connected Dealer Services leverages its proprietary CAN Bus technology, which processes more than 2 billion events per month. This capability allows the company to provide timely, accurate and actionable vehicle information.

Unlike competitors that rely on virtual GPS location to estimate vehicle mileage, CarRx by Elo GPS delivers actual odometer data. This enhances the accuracy of service intervals and marketing efforts and is particularly beneficial for vehicles used in high-mileage operations such as fleets and ride-sharing services.

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