New Auto Repair Shop in Allentown, PA, Different than Typical Garage

New Auto Repair Shop in Allentown, PA, Different than Typical Garage

Tucked away right off Union Boulevard in Allentown, PA, is a new auto repair shop. It's actually a new start-up, called Car-Up.

"Our shop will come to your home or work, pick your car up, service it and bring it back to you when it's done," said founder Larry Seibel. He's called the Lehigh Valley home for two decades and has spent his career starting tech companies.

Car-Up works through an app. Once you input your make and model, you can select the service you want or describe the issue you're having. Then, you schedule a time and Car-up picks up your vehicle. You can also schedule a tow if needed.

"Like every good idea, my wife came up with it," Seibel said. "A lot of people don't really trust what's happening with their car. So, when you go the repair shop, people try to sell you service and they don't really explain it to you very well."

Car-Up also updates you throughout the process through the app using live chat updates with pictures and video. Seibel worked with an app developer for around nine months on the app.

The business has only been fully running for about two weeks but he already has customers.

"Slowly but surely we're getting some interested customers and they're a little confused at first because this is so new," Seibel said.

Currently Car-up serves a 10-mile radius around the shop, but Seibel hopes to expand.

"Right now my concentration is to make the customers of the Lehigh Valley as happy as possible, get their feedback and provide great service."

We thank WFMZ News for reprint permission.

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