Mitchell Wins Award for AI-Powered Appraisal Review Solution


Mitchell, an Enlyte company, received a 2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing from Business Intelligence Group, it announced Sept. 20 in a news release. The annual awards program seeks to identify the companies, products and people offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies.

Mitchell’s recent innovation---Mitchell Intelligent Review---won in the Software as a Service (SaaS) product category. It combines cloud computing, Mitchell-authored vehicle data and the company’s machine-learning and computer-vision models to scan photos of collision damage and automatically evaluate the labor operations entered on the estimate. The artificial intelligence (AI) then flags problematic estimates that require a closer look by a trained appraiser. 

Automating this traditionally manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive task is intended to help carriers increase estimate accuracy, ensure quality and pinpoint workflows or areas of the business in need of improvement. It also gives insurers the ability to review every estimate written and then assists them in identifying the specific appraisals they should focus on to accelerate settlement times for policyholders.

“We are honored to receive this recognition for our technology achievements in automating and optimizing the claims process,” said Olivier Baudoux, senior vice president of global product strategy and artificial intelligence at Mitchell. “By continuing to develop best-in-class cloud solutions that leverage our open platform, comprehensive data and industry-leading AI, we can aid carriers in improving cycle time, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

To date, Mitchell Intelligent Review has been used by North American insurers to analyze appraisals and supplements totaling more than $2 billion. After grouping estimate photos by vehicle damage, the solution evaluates the corresponding labor decision and highlights the portions of the estimate that should be reviewed for accuracy and adherence to insurer-defined standards. Mitchell Intelligent Review is powered by proprietary AI models. These models are trained on the company’s comprehensive vehicle and estimatics data to analyze more than 500 internal and external automotive parts and make a damage prediction. Additionally, through patented technology, Mitchell Intelligent Review generates an AI confidence score and can be customized to suppress results that fall below a carrier-assigned certainty margin.

“Mitchell is one of the leaders in the cloud, helping to develop the infrastructure we need to store and host the data and applications driving our society,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of Business Intelligence Group. “We are so proud to recognize all of the winners in this year’s award program.”

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